Friday, January 28, 2011

....And I Know Somebody Heard Him [Listen For David Kato]

….And I Know Somebody Hear Him [Listen for David Kato]
by Jair, The Literary Masturbator

…and I know somebody heard him as they bludgeoned him with a hammer [Listen for David Kato]

Blood spurting from his body

Bones Breaking

Organs collapsing

His screams silenced by ignorance and fear [Listen for David Kato]

His cries for help muffled by the cloak of Christian colonialism[Listen for David Kato]

….and I know somebody heard him as he said, “I fear for my life” when they posted his name and image in the, “Rolling Stone” with the admonishment to, “hang them”

His voice fell on deaf ears [Listen for David Kato]

His death represents a dearth of compassion and unconditional love in a time when those should be valued more than diamonds and gold

...and I know somebody heard him as he joins the ancestors [Listen for David Kato]

The countless, nameless, faceless two-spirited beings that guide us and offers peace that passes all understanding

Safe from the harassment of government and those who claim a Christ that spreads a message of hate

Do you hear him? [Listen for David Kato]

I hear him

In the wind and rain

In the still small voice in my heart that says, “go on...”

Listen for David Kato, and all the others

Speak their names

Make their lives eternal & everlasting

We are all witnesses...

Now it's time to testify....
Copyright©Jair 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 23rd Annual International Association of Blacks In Dance Conference....

Join us for
featuring performances by renowned black dance companies & artists
FRIDAY, JAN. 28 - 7:30 pm - Aratani Japan America Theatre

Arthur Duncan, Legendary Tap Performer (since 1955); Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theatre (Bernard Gaddis), Las Vegas, NV;
Jamal Story, (Color Purple, Cher, Complexions, LWDT, Donald Byrd);
Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY;
Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Los Angeles, CA;
L'Acadco Dance Theatre; Kingston, Jamaica;
Dallas Black Dance Theatre II; Dallas, TX
Eleone Dance Theatre, Philadelphia

SATURDAY, JAN. 29 - 7:30 pm - Aratani Japan America Theatre
Dance Theatre of Harlem, Harlem, NY;
Philadelphia Dance Company "Philadanco"; Philadelphia, PA;
Ronald K Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company, Brooklyn, NY
Cleo Parker Robinson, Denver, CO;
Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Dallas, TX;
Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Donald McKayle, Irvine, CA
Donald Byrd/Spectrum Dance
Aratani Japan America Theatre
244 South San Pedro Street (between 2nd and 3rd Streets)
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Box Office: 213-680-3700

Tickets: $40 each night / Two-Day Pass: $70 (save $10)
Group & Discount Tickets: Lula Washington Dance Theatre -- 323-292-5852

For online tickets, visit:
Purchase tickets now by clicking on the link below.
Buy Tickets Now!

THURSDAY, JAN. 27, 2011
Tribute Celebration
Hosted by: Cleo Parker Robinson
7:30 pm - 9pm
Aratani Japan America Theatre
Universal Dance Designs Alumni, Los Angeles, CA
Howard University Dance Majors Alumni, Washington DC
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, Denver, CO
Gayle Force-Ridley, Washington DC
Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Lula Washington Dance Theatre Studio Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA
And more...
The Tribute celebration is in honor of dance leaders who made their transition in 2010.

THURSDAY, JAN. 27, 2011
Late Night Informal Showcase & Network
Millennium Biltmore Hotel
506 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Gold Room
In Performance:
Creative Arts High School, Camden, NJ
Fine Arts Magnet Dance Ensemble, Jonesboro, GA
Detroit School of the Arts, Detroit, MI
Millicent Johnnie, Professor- Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
And more...
FRIDAY, JAN. 29, 2011
Student Showcase Part I
-- 10:00 am --
Central Los Angeles High School #9
School of Visual and Performing Arts
450 North Grand
Los Angeles, CA 90012

In Performance:
Cleveland School of the Arts, Cleveland, OH
Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Los Angeles, CA
Detroit Renaissance High School Dance Workshop, Detroit, MI
Lewis Cass Technical High School, Detroit, MI
Lula Washington Youth Dance Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA
Soliloquy in Motion Dance Company, Philadelphia, PA
Straight to the Pointe Dance Company, Philadelphia, PA
Tri Cities High School, Atlanta, GA
Eleone Dance Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
Michael Leslie Foundation for the Performing Arts, Sydney, Australia

SATURDAY, JAN. 29, 2011
Student Showcase Part II
-- 10:00 am --
Central Los Angeles High School #9
School of Visual and Performing Arts
450 North Grand
Los Angeles, CA 90012

In Performance:

Detroit School of the Arts, Detroit, MI
Baltimore Dance Tech, Baltimore, MD
Cleo Parker Robinson Youth Dance Ensemble, Denver, CO
Bloom, Dallas Black Dance Theatre Student Ensemble, Dallas, TX
Eleone Dance Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Ken Morris- Freelance Chorographer/Instructor, Los Angeles, CA
Vincent Thomas- Associate Professor, Towson University, Baltimore, MD
San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, San Diego, CA
The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

SUNDAY, JAN. 30, 2011
Gospel Brunch and Praise Dance Performance
Performers TBA
Millennium Biltmore Hotel
506 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Gold Room
For online tickets, visit:
Every year since 1988 the International Association of Blacks In Dance has gathered in a different city for a four-day conference of master dance classes, panel discussions, workshops, auditions, an awards luncheon, and a festival of showcase performances.
Lula Washington Dance Theatre is hosting the 23rd Annual IABD Conference in Los Angeles Jan. 27 - 30, 2011. Showcase performances are taking place at the Japan America Theatre; the Biltmore Hotel; and Los Angeles Central High School #9.
A limited number of public tickets are available for each performance. Get yours before they are gone. See dance companies from all over the US dancing in shared evenings of exciting movement.
For more information contact the Lula Washington Dance Theatre at: 323-292-5852 or, visit the website:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Blog (FB Status, Tweet) Drunk (With Misinformation)....Remember Haiti A Year After....

On this past Saturday there was an attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. I watched the break in regular programming on television and also as I do occasionally looked at what was happening on the social networking site facebook.

It amazes me how many people posted about the shooting but what surprised me more is the number of people who consider themselves journalistic sources and began to post details that were not confirmed. Congresswoman Giffords was pronounced dead and resurrected so many times I joked that Jesus got jealous. It really struck me that these people especially the ones who were getting information from the same news sources that I was felt that it was their duty to report this news. I began to think of her husband who was in Houston and had to make his way to Arizona having to hear about his wife being dead. One local politician that was a close friend of Congresswoman Gifford expressed it was like an emotional rollercoaster because she had to hear several times her friend had died and then was not dead.

Maybe I made too much of it but I just felt like there could've have been a better way to let people know. I know social networking has drastically changed the way we get information but it should never take the place of having credible information from reliable sources. I know some of the media outlets also reported that she was dead and then retracted the statement several times but to continually use social networking forums as if you are reporting from the scene just seems a bit irresponsible to me.

People also saw the irony of the Congresswoman being shot and Sarah Palin on her political action committee website using a target/crosshairs symbol over her district. While I do think it was irresponsible for her to do that I don't think it's the sole reason this tragedy happen. Some people tried to make the shooter the bastard child of Palin and Glenn Beck. Again we have to share our opinions responsibly. The internet in a lot of places becomes a platform for people to say anything they want because they can hide behind their computer screens but it also has become a place where anyone thinks their opinion is the only one that matters. That they are the only source of information and that's simply not true. Even this blog is just my take on the situation. Anyone who reads it is free to agree or disagree.

One thing did strike me about the incident. There was a young girl who went there to meet the Congresswoman because she had recently been elected to her student council and had a burgeoning interest in politics. She was taken there by a neighbor. My heart goes out especially to her parents but all to experienced the violence. I did hear the gun sales have gone up since Saturday in Arizona which doesn't surprise me unfortunately. The Arizona State Legislature passed an emergency law banning people from protesting at a funeral or burial because members of Westboro Baptist Church were planning to use this another platform to spew their version of Christianity.

Today also happens to be the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. Words alone can not express how much help Haiti still needs. I read someone say that Haiti needs to become self-sufficient which I agree with but when the starting point is so far back it's hard for me not to want to do whatever I can to help.