Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Feel The Touch For 20% Off.... (Limited Time Offer)

From now until this Friday August 10, 2012 you can receive a 20% discount off my book,

"Touch...Poems & Other Writings of Love, Erotica, & Sensuality" by ordering directly from my on-line bookstore:

At check out be sure to use the promo code: ASTOUND

Other titles on the Lulu site also qualify for this discount so be sure to browse and see if there are any other books you'd like to order.

The book is still available on,, and others places on-line but the discount only applies to orders booked through my bookstore on Lulu....

Take a picture with the book and send it to me at so I can post it on the Facebook fan page

In the black light of Jair’s imagination and heart, punctuation marks become the sheetstaining evidence that something sexy has occurred. What is revealed in, "Touch...", is that desire is a spilling that we all must cop to and that passion and pen in the wet palm of a true poet will always lead us to that one page sticking seductive truth.-Marvin K. White, Author of "Last Rights", "Nothin’ Ugly Fly", "Our Name Be Witness", & "Status"

"Jair's poetry is the stuff of hot phone and cyber sex- funny, self-indulgent and at its best doing what this provocateur intends, to get you off."-Steven G. Fullwood author of FUNNY, Publisher-Vintage Entity Press

-Photos by Stefan Tonio hieroGRAPHIX-