Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mighty Real: An Anthology of African American Same Gender Loving Writing

I got my Contributor's Copy of, "Mighty Real" yesterday. I have an essay in it titled, 'Let The Healing Begin." After opening I ran my fingers across the covers and just held it close to me trying to absorb all the words through my pores. From The Harlem Renaissance through 60's Revolution. On the shoulders of Richard Bruce Nugent, James Baldwin, Assato Saint, Audre Lorde, Nella Larsen, Essex Hemphill, Joseph Beam, and many many others we stand in this new collection....and AIN'T WE FIERCE!!

I began reading some of the other contributions by friends and others I know and had it reminded me how talented they are. Sometimes I forget because they are my friend but I was definitely in the presence of artistic brilliance.

There are some writers I don't know personally and others I have recently become acquainted with in that grand scheme of social networking called, "facebook" but I am looking forward to taking a few days of being with myself and just reading what is we have contributed to our community as griots and gatekeepers.

This extensive collection includes poetry, short stories, plays, essays, sermons, & interviews. Edited by Royce Bryant Smith & Darius Omar Williams I know it has been a long process of conception and birth and I personally am grateful to, "be in the number." Both Darius and Royce deserve our thanks and congratulations for a job not just well done but one that goes over and above.

Please do yourself a favor and add this to your personal library and suggest it to friends near and far. If you are a celebrant of Kwanzaa it would make a great zawadi. You may not receive it by Jan 1st the day gifts are exchanged but in the spirit of Kwanzaa this is a gift that will uplift and illuminate.

Mighty Real is available on,, and

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ban On Gay Blood Donations: Go To Helen Weytt!!!

When I was in college all the clubs, organizations, and fraternities used to have a contest to see who could donate the most blood each semester. It was one of the most popular events throughout the year. There was fierce competition not just so we could get extra many for our groups but because we knew donating blood was a great way to help other people in crisis.

A dear friend and colleague Stephanie Nawyn who is now an Associate Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University, and was a great help to me when I coordinated the Lorde-Baldwin Learning Tree a literacy program at Unity Fellowship Church in Los Angeles (I remember when she had her first child Henry and he would sit on my lap and try and put the tips of my locs in his mouth)

Time flies, Henry is now riding his bike to school
and has a sister Meredeth who I have yet to meet.

Enough of the memory lane. Some of Stephanie's students have posted an excellent video on youtube about the ban on Same Gender Loving/Men Who Have Sex With Men being able to donate blood. They offer great insight & information about why the ban was put into place originally and the reasons it should be overturned.

Support comes from Senator John Kerry as well as others and they give you address and information on how to contact the FDA if you'd like to send a letter on how to overturn the ban and also to Go To Helen Weytt ("Hell & Wait") if you'd like to support the current ban. All this from their own Fox-E News Special Report....

It hurts me deeply that I am no longer allowed to donate blood and I know it could help save lives. Please view this and take action....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Emergency Town Hall Meeting!! Speak Up Against Same Gender Loving People Being Killed In Uganda!!

If You Are In The NYC Area Please Attend.....


The Global Justice Institute, GLAAD, GLO TV Network,, The Fellowship, MCC New York, Rehoboth Temple

Media Contact : Joseph Tolton, Blur Advertising 646-765-6960

African Americans protest Bahati’s US tour to promote “kill the gays” in Uganda

WHAT: Emergency Town Hall Meeting to challenge Ugandan PM David Bahati who is currently promoting his “kill the gays” bill on a trip to the United States

WHEN: Saturday, December 11, 2010

1:00 p.m. (SHARP)

WHO: Pastor Joseph W. Tolton - Rehoboth Temple/The Global Justice Institute
Bishop Zachary Jones - Unity Fellowship Church/Brooklyn
Rev Pat Bumgardner - MCC/The Global Justice Institute
Dr. Marjorie Hill - GMHC
Tokes Osubu - GMAD

WHERE: Rehoboth Temple Christ Conscious Church

310 West 139th Street, New York, NY 10031

(Fredrick Douglass & Edgecombe)

WHY: LGBT People of African Descent and our allies, family and friends are responding to the immediate attack on our fellow brother and sisters in the country of Uganda. The conservative Christian right organization known as The Family and so-called “ex-gay” activist Scott lively exported hatred to Africa with a direct threat to the LGBT community in Uganda by funding and sponsoring the “Anti-Homosexuality” bill which would introduce the death penalty for gay people and require extradition of gay Ugandans around the world.

LGBT communities of color in the USA and across the globe are at greater risk for hate crimes and persecutions. Killing LGBT people in Uganda or anywhere else around the world is wrong.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scottsboro Boys Closing...

I was really hoping that this musical would be able to sustain an audience and eventually tour. I first heard about it because I am a big fan of Colman Domingo. I'd seen him in, "The Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show" where among other things his Craiglist's ads as Maya Angelou and also the musical, "Passing Strange" I always thought the story of the Scottsboro Boys was an interesting time in America's history. It wasn't a story I was even aware of in school. It's not covered in many history books but it's definitely a familiar story if you have roots in the south. Because of the death of Fred Ebb this was to be the last collaboration for Kander & Ebb who wrote such musicals as Cabaret, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Chicago, The Rink, and others. With their use of dark material as a source for musical theater and the addition of Susan Strohman I really thought this show would have a long run. But it is closing this Sunday December 12. The soundtrack which includes one of my new favorite songs, "Go Back Home" is available on-line at and